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Josh Olsen: «Always go for your dreams»

Written by on 05/11/2020

Always go for your dreams not matter how many times people tell you, you can’t do it.

Josh Olsen was born in a small town in Texas, called Brenham. Josh wrote his first song on the guitar when he was 5 years old, and that was the start of many songs. In January, 2016 Josh made the move from Austin Texas to Los Angeles.


Introduce yourself to our audience

Hello, I’m Josh Olsen a singer songwriter in Los Angeles and I just released my first solo EP

What first got you Into music

My mother was a singer songwriter, so I was surrounded by music from a very early age

Who inspired you to make music

My mother was initially who inspired me to make music

How to describe the music  that you typically create

My music is a melting pop of so many artist, but I primary create pop music.

What kind of Singer would you classify Yourself as

I would consider myself a pop/r&b singer

What has been the best performance on your career so far

I think the biggest and most memorable would be my X-factor Performance

What is one message you give your fans

Always go for your dreams not matter how many times people tell you, you can’t do it.

What is your favorite song to perform

I love singing Creep by radio head

Which famous musicians do you  admire

I love musicians that write and sing. I really love marron5, one republic, cold play

What is the best advice you’ve been given

Trust  yourself

If you change anything about the industry what It be

It would be less saturated with social media

Say few words about  the great song called All by myself

All by myself Is what I called. The single anthem, because I wrote it after getting out of a relationship and I was really ready to be single.

What’s next for you

I want to start touring around and promoting this EP